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Rahul Sharma is an Architect and a New Media Artist, currently based in Berlin. He explores the realms of temporal ideas in the fields of visuals, interactive art, and spatial design.
Rahul Sharma completed his bachelor's in Architecture from Chandigarh, India in 2017 and has worked on various Architecture Design, Urban Heritage, Interior Design, and Exhibition Design projects in government and private sectors. He is currently finishing his M.A in New Media Design from BTK, Berlin, with his deep interest in connecting people to public spaces through a hybrid of analog & digital interfaces, he has been exploring the amalgamation of spatial design, generative art and has showcased some of his work at virtual galleries, music events, and exhibitions like Creative Code Festival at Lightbox New York City, VJ Open Lab Berlin, Engage 2021 and Orbiting the Glitch.

Born in Santander in 1984, Juan started studying Biology in 2002, cursed a BSc Honours degree in Audio Technology and Sound Design in Oxford 2008, MA Interactive Media at London College of Communication in 2011.
Juan is currently based in Berlin where he teaches Creative Coding for Kids at Joan-Miro Grundschule, and also does freelance Audio Visual works for a range of clients.
He also runs the music label collective Remember to Forget where he releases his musical output.

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