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nvl - / ni ː vi ː ili /


nvl -d date [-a artist] [-l location]...


A non-commercial community-driven art and technology event.
The motivations behind NIVIILI are an eagerness to connect artists and audience, the will to create a great experience for guests and a sense of respect for the art pieces and the vision of the artist.

- i, -- info

NIVIILI organizes art events for a diverse audience where creative coders, hackers, audio designers, light installation designers, demoscene producers, vjs and video performance artists among other artists at the intersection between art, science and technology subculture; are given the time and space to showcase and share their work from a unique perspective.

- s, -- session

The audience for a NIVIILI event is promised a secret location, with a secret artist on an exact date. The gathering place is always new, the art pieces are every time different and it will never happen again.

- f, -- format

The attendees to an event, become guests in someone's private place not merely “clients”. In order to attend a show, the guest has to be inscribed on a guestlist. This guestlist autonomously works through a chain invitation system. Each attendee is invited by another person who is already accepted to the event, and so on until reaching the maximum number of participants.

- p, -- privacy

We don't use cookies, we don't track users activity or share guest information with third parties.

- s, -- show-all

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If you want to become a host for a NIVIILI event at your apartment, garage, working space... Or you are looking for performing and showing your art with us, write us an email to: <mail@niviili.com>