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Floating Spectrum is the moniker of the Taiwan-born, Berlin-based composer and audio technologist Mei-Fang Liau. Her music blends technological craft with intuitive emotion. The heavily processed samples and synths form the mesmerizing base of her music. Inspired by how simple rules can produce complex nature, she created custom synthesizers that enable her to create rich sounds filled with organic details.

Abe Pazos (Finland, Spain) produces audiovisual art based on rules and algorithms. He reveals connections between mathematics and the organic, raising awareness of natural vs human made phenomena. To achieve this he observes and captures textures, shapes and behaviors, analyzes the rules that led to their existence, and imitates and plays with those rules. He writes software to process media, data and sensor input to produce collaborative interactive installations.
Abe is a co-organizer of the Creative Code Berlin events since 2013, is author of a world-renowned creative coding course and gives workshops and lectures in various institutions.

Video by action.io.
Hosted by Heinz Jercha.