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Gilbert Sinnott - Autr

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Douglas Brennan

Music For Airports

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Gilbert Sinnott aka Autr is an audio and video artist working with hacked and repurposed vintage analogue video equipment as a means for live video painting and sensory exploration. Following a format of synaethetic experimentation and improvisation, audio stems and sketches are remixed and performed by Music For Airports Berlin host Douglas Brennan, guiding a live performance of psychedelic, constructivist and other-worldly forms. Previous work by Autr has included live visuals and music videos for Venetian Snares, Planet Mu Records, Vortex Traks, and audio-visual performances across Berlin, Czech Republic and UK.

Music for Airports is an ambient listening session which takes place on the last Sunday of the month through autumn and winter. The ambient listening session involves live ambient new age and experimental performances plus audiovisual compositions and DJ selections of a compelling nature.

Photos by kostspielig. Video by action.io.
Hosted by Lacuna Lab.